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Business Communication B. Com. 1st Sem

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An excellent book very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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ISBN : 978-93-5167-663-8

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Authors : Sanjay Gupta, Jay Bansal

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Unie 1 : Nature of Communication Process of Communication, Types of Communication (Verbal & Non Verbal), Importance of Communication, Different forms of Communication. Barriers to Communication Causes, Linguistic Barriers, Psychological Barriers, Interpersonal Barriers, Cultural Barriers, Physical Barriers, Organizational Barriers.

Unit 2 :  Business Correspondence : Letter Writing, Presentation, Inviting Quotations, Sending Quotations, Placing Orders, Inviting Tenders, Sales Letters, Claim & Adjustment Letters and Social Correspondence, Memorandum, Inter—Office Memo, Notices, Agenda, Minutes, Job Application Letter, Preparing the Resume.

Unit 3 :  Report Writing Business Reports, Types, Characteristics, Importance, Elements of Structure, Process of Writing, Order of Writing, the Final Draft, Check Lists for Reports.

Unit 4 :  Vocabulary Words often Confused, Words often Misspelt, Common Errors in English.

Unit 5 :    Oral Presentation Importance, Characteristics, Presentation Plan, Power Point Presentation, Visual Aids.



1.Nature of Communication, 2 .Process of Communication, 3 .Types of Communication , 4.Communication : Basic Forms, 5. Barriers in Communication , 

Unit - II

6.Business Correspondence , 7. Quotation/Order Letters/Tenders, 8. Persuasive Letters : Sales Letters and Collection Letters, 9. Claim Letters, 10. Adjustment Letters, 11. Social Correspondence, 12. Memorandum [Memo] , 13. Notice/Agenda/ Minutes, 14. Job Application Letters, 15. Cover Letters, 16. Credit Letters, 17. Enquiry Letters , 18. Resume, 


19.Report Writing, 20. Business Report, 21. Status Report, 22. Analytical Report, 23. Inquiry Report, 24. Newspaper Report , 


25.Common Errors in English , 


26.Presentation (Oral/Power Point/Visual Aids). 

Book Details
  • Author/Authors : Sanjay Gupta, Jay Bansal
  • Class : B. Com. Ist Semester Jharkhand Universities
  • Page No. : 224
  • Year : 2024
  • Highly Useful : Very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.
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