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Dr. F.C. Sharma

Business Organisation

125.00 175.00
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Dr. V.C. Sinha, Dr. Alok Gupta

Business Statistics

356.00 445.00
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Dr. S.K. Singh, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Saxena

Practical Problems In Financial Accounting - SBPD Publications

320.00 400.00
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Dr. Anupam Aagrwal, Anju Agarwal

Business Economics - SBPD Publications

215.00 280.00
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Sanjay Gupta

Business Communication

265.00 330.00
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Dr. V. C. Sinha, Dr. Alok Gupta, Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta

Practical Problems In Business Statistics

330.00 410.00
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Dr. Satish Kumar Saha

Money and Financial Systems - SBPD Publications

254.00 310.00
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Dr. Rishishwar & Agarwal

Business Environment - SBPD Publications

304.00 380.00
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Dr. B. K. Singh, Dr. A. Tiwari

Business Regulatory Framework - SBPD Publications

320.00 400.00
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