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Er. Meera Goyal

Practical Science

48.00 60.00
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R. C. Agarwal Sanjay Agarwal

Business Regulatory Framework

285.00 360.00
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Dr. S. K. Singh

Financial Accounting

316.00 395.00
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Dr. B. N. Gupta

Fundamentals of Statistics

276.00 345.00
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R. C. Agrawal, Sanjay Gupta

Principles of Management

256.00 320.00
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R. C. Agrawal, Sanjay Gupta,

Principles of Management - SBPD Publications

336.00 420.00
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Dr. B. K. Singh, Dr. A. Tiwari

Business Regulatory Framework - SBPD Publications

320.00 400.00
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