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CA Anoop Modi, CA Mahesh Gupta and CA Nikhil Gupta

GST And Custom Law 2021-22

280.00 340.00
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Dr. V.C. Sinha, Dr. Pushpa Sinha

अर्थशास्त्र (Arthashastra - Economics)

320.00 390.00
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Dr. V.C. Sinha Dr. Sudha Pandeya

Planning And Economic Development

160.00 230.00
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Dr. V. C. Sinha, Dr. Ritika Gupta

Public Finance

140.00 180.00
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Dr. R. K. Jain, CA Nikhil Gupta

Practical Problems in Income tax (2021-22)

390.00 445.00
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Dr. A.K. Chautrvedi, Rinki Agarwal

Cultural and Economic History of India

200.00 250.00
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Dr. A.K. Chautrvedi

Mughal kal (Mughal Period) (1526-1707)

170.00 240.00
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Dr. V.C. Sinha, Dr. Pushpa Sinha

Arthshastra (Economics)

332.00 415.00
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Dr. J. C. Johari

Principles of Political Science

220.00 270.00
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