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Dr. F. C. Sharma, CS Rachit Mittal

Business Finance - SBPD Publications

280.00 350.00
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Dr. F.C. Sharma, Dr. Smriti Khurasia

Functional Management - SBPD Publications

256.00 320.00
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Dr. B.K. Tiwari, Dr. A. Tiwari

Corporate Legal Framework - SBPD Publications

376.00 470.00
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CA Anoop Modi, CA Mahesh Gupta, CA Nikhil Gupta

GST And Custom Law Latest Edition

264.00 330.00
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Dr. S. K. Singh

Basic Accounting For BBA

496.00 595.00
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Amit Ganguli, Kanika Agarwal

English Prose and Computer & Writing Skilis

128.00 160.00
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