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भारत का इतिहास (1206 ई. से 1707 ई. तक) History of India

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An excellent book with thorough coverage for MA and BA classes, also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi, Rinki Agarwal

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1. Establishment of Turkish Satta and Causes of Turkish Success, 2. Establishment of Delhi Sultanate : The Slave Dynasty-Qutubuddin Aibak and Iltutmish, 3. Razia and Balban, 4. The Khilji Dynasty : Alauddin Khilji’s Conquest and Reforms, 5. The Tughlaq Dynasty : Mohammad Bin Tughlaq and Firozshah Tughlaq, 6. Lodhi Dynasty and Downfall of Delhi Sultanate, 7. Timur’s Invasion on India and its Impact, 8. Administrative System of the Delhi Sultanate, 9. Political Condition of India at the Time of Babur’s Invasion and the Foundation of Mughal Empire : Babur and Humayun, 10. Sher Shah Suri and his Administration], 11. Akbar-Rajput Policy and Religious Policy, 12. Jahangir and Nurjehan, 13. Shahjehan—The Central Asian Policy and the Golden Age, 14. Aurangzeb—The Religious Policy and the Deccan Policy, 15. Shivaji and his Administration, 16. Post Mughal Period Political Condition and the Invasion of Nadirshah, 17. Mughal Administration, 18. Architecture During the Sultanate Period, 19. Architecture and Painting During the Mughal, 20. Downfall of Mughal Empire. 

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi, Rinki Agarwal
  • Class : General
  • Page No. : 304
  • Year : 2024
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Excellent as described in the picture. Outstanding quality.