Buy Basic Psychologyical Processes to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] University Uttrakhand For Class BA Ist Semester

NEP मूलभूत मनोवैज्ञानिक प्रक्रियाएँ Basic Psychological Process B. A. 1st Sem

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According to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] University Uttrakhand For Class B.A. Ist Semester.

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Authors : Dr. Vimal Agarwal

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1. Historical Background of Psychology, Approaches of Behaviour Study, Nature and Field of Psychology : Methods of Psychology-Observation, Experimental, Field Survey, Interview and Questionnaire 2. Biological Basis of Behaviour—Stimulus, Organism and Responses, Neurons-Structure and Functions of Brain, Spinalcord, Automatic Nervous System and Glands 3. Sensory Processes : Visual Sensation—Visual Stimulus, Structure of Eyes, Theory of Colour Vision, Auditory Sensation-Auditory Stimulus, Structure of Ears and Auditory Theory 4. Perceptual Processes : Meaning, Nature, Characteristics, Figure and Background, Laws of Perceptual Organisation, Illusion and Movement Perception 5. Attention : Nature, Characteristics, Kinds and Determinants 6. Learning—Definition, Nature, Theories of Learning-Trail and Error, Insightful Learning, Classical and Instru-mental Conditioning, 7. Nature of Memory, Meaning and Definitions, Types and Measures of Retention 8. Forgetting : Meaning and Causes, Theories of Forgetting-Interference (Encoding Failure), Trace Decay, Retrieval & Inhibition Theory 9. Motivation—Nature of Motivation, Need, Definition and Types, Innate and Acquired Motivation, Achievement, Power, Affiliation and Approval 10. Emotion—Nature of Emotion, Meaning and Definition, Physiological Changes in Emotions, Theories of Emotion : James Lange and Cannon-Bard Theory 11. Intelligence : Definitions, Concept of I.Q., Environmental Influence on Intelligence and Spearman, Thurstone and Guilford’s Theory of Intelligence 12. Culture and Intelligence, Technological Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Nature of Aptitude, Process Oriented Theories (Piaget, Bruner and Stenberg), Creativity and Intelligence and Assessment of Psycholo-gical Attributes, 

Practical Psychology

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. Vimal Agarwal
  • Class : B. A. Ist Semester Uttrakhand Universities
  • Page No. : 263
  • Year : 2024
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