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ISBN : 978-93-81865-86-6

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Authors : Dr. R.K. Jain, CA Nikhil Gupta

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Main Highlights of Finance Act, 2021

1.Income Tax- An Introduction, 2. Improtant Definition, 3. Assessment on Agricultural Income, 4. Expemted Incomes, 5. Residence and Tax Liability, 6. Income From Salaries, 7. Income From Salaries (Retirement and Retrenchment), 8. Income From House  Property, 9. Depreciation, 10. Profits and Gains of Business or profession, 11. Capital Gains, 12. Income From Other Sources, 13. Income Tax Authorities, 14. Clubbing of Income and Aggregation of Income, 15. Set-Off And Carry Forward of Losses, 16. Deductions From Gross Total Income, 17. Assessment of Individuals (Computation of Total Income), 18. Computation of Tax Liability of Individuals, 19. Deduction of Tax at Source, 20. Procedure of Assessment, 21. Penalties, Offences and Prosecution, 22. Appeal and Revision, 23. Tax - Planning, 24. Recovery and Refund of Tax, 25. Advance Payment of Tax, 26. Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family And Computation of tax Liability, 27. Assessment of Firm and Association of Persons and Computation of Tax Liability 

Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Receipts

Rebate and Relief in Tax 

Provision and Procedure of Filings the Return of Income and e-Filing of Income Tax and TDS Returns. . 

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. R.K. Jain, CA Nikhil Gupta
  • Page No. : 724
  • Year : 2021-22
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