Buy Mudra, Banking Evam Lok Vitt - Money, Banking And Public Finance According To NEP - 2020 According to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] University MP For Class BA IInd Year (Minor).

NEP मुद्रा, बैंकिंग एवं लोक वित्त Money, Banking And Public Finance B.A. 2nd Year (Minor)

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According to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] M.P. Universities For Class B.A. IInd Year (Minor).

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ISBN : 978-93-95022-86-6

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Authors : Prof. B.L. Ojha, Manoj Kumar Ojha

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Book Content

1. Meaning, Definition and Functions of Money 2. Classification of Money 3. Value of Money and Quantity Theory of Money 4. Supply of Money and High Powered Money 5. Bank : Meaning and Types 6. Commercial Bank and Credit Creation 7. Electronic Banking 8. Meaning, Importance and Functions of Central Banking 9. Reserve Bank of India : Credit Control 10. Public Finance : Meaning, Nature and Scope 11. Public, Private and Merit Goods 12. Principle of Maximum Social Advantage 13. Public Expenditure : Meaning, Nature, Wagner and Wiseman Peacock’s Law 14. Classification and Canons of Public Expenditure 15. Economic Effects and Public Expenditure 16. Public Revenue : It’s Classification and Sources 17. Canons of Taxation and Characteristics of Good Tax System 18. Incidence, Impact and Shifting of a Tax 19. G.S.T. Format and Computing Process 20. Taxable Capacity in India 21. Effects of Taxation 22. Public Debts : Meaning, Role and Classification 23. Methods of Public Debt Redemption 24. Deficit Financing 25. Federal Finance in India 26. Fifteenth Finance Commission 27. Central Government Economic Budget 2022-23 28. Madhya Pradesh Economic Budget 2022-23. 

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  • Author/Authors : Prof. B.L. Ojha, Manoj Kumar Ojha
  • Class : B.A. IInd Year (Minor) M. P. Universities
  • Page No. : 296
  • Year : 2024
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