Buy Prayavaran Apda Prabandhan Evam Jalvayu Parivartan Environment, Disaster Managemtn and Climate Change - According To NEP 2020 According to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] for various universities of UP Unive

NEP भूगोल - पर्यावरण, आपदा प्रबंधन एवं जलवायु परिवर्तन Environment, Disaster Management and Climate Change B. A. 3rd Sem

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According to Minimum Unified Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] for various universities of U.P. University, For BA IIIrd Semester

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ISBN : 978-93-965022-41-5

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Authors : Dr. Abha Singh, Dr. Komal Singh

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Book Content

1. Concept and Components of Environment, 2. Ecology and Ecosystem, 3. Environmental Education in Vedas, 4. Indian Traditional Knowledge in Environment and Disaster Managemtn, 5. Biodiversity and Its Conservation, 6. Sustainable Development, 7. Desertification, 8. Soil  Erosion and Soil Exhaustion, 9. Deforestation, 10. Air Pollution, water Pollution and Disposat of Solid Waste, 11. Ganga Action Plan Tiger Project Tehari Dam and Narmada Valley Project, 12. Science of Climate Change : Understanding Climate Change, Green House Gases and Global Warming, 13. Global Climatic Assessment (IPCC, Impacts of Climate Chnage, National Action Plan on Climate Change), 14.Disaster, Hazards , Risk Vulnerability, Types of Disasters, Disasters Managemtn Disaster Management Cycle, 15. Flood, Drought, Cyclone, Earthque, Tsunami Landslide, Chemical and Nuclear Disaster Do,s and Don 'ts During Disasters, 

Practical (Thernatic, Weather and Geological Maps)

1. Use of Data in Geography, 2. Tabulation and Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Presentation of Data, 3. Meaurement of Central Tendencies, 4. Measurement of Partitions, 5. Dispersion, 6. Sampling and Theoretical Distribution, 7. Correlation, 8. Simple Regreeion and Maping of Residulas From Regression. 


Book Details
  • Author/Authors : Dr. Abha Singh, Dr. Komal Singh
  • Class : B. A. IIIrd Semester U.P. Universities
  • Page No. : 264
  • Year : 2024
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