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ISBN : 978-93-82883-41-8

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Authors : Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. Banarsi Mishra

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According to New Syllabus of Various Universities of Uttar Pradesh State for B. Com - I, also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

1. Accounting : Meaning and Scope, 2. Accounting Principles : Concepts and Conventions, 3. Accounting Standards, 4. Double Entry System (Rules of Debit and Credit), 5. Recording of Transactions : Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance, 6. Rectification of Errors, 7. Sub-Division of Journal : Subsidiary Books (I. Cash Book, II. Other Subsidiary Books), 8. Capital and Revenue, 9. Accounting Concept of Income, 10. Final Accounts with Adjustments, 11. Insolvency Accounts, 12. Branch Accounting, 13. Hire-Purchase System, 14. Instalment Payment System, 15. Royalty Accounts,

Departmental Accounts, Double Account System, Accounts of Banking Companies, Accounts of General Insurance Companies, Annual Accounts of Life Insurance Companies, Insurance Claims, Voyage Accounts, Accounting for Packages, Empties and Containers, Objective Type Questions, Examination Paper. 

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. Banarsi Mishra
  • Page No. : 916
  • Year : 2021-22
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