Buy Principles of Business Management of U.P., Chhattisgarh and Bihar Universities for B. Com. Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

व्यवसाय प्रबंधन के सिद्धांत Principles of Business Management B. Com. 2nd Year

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According to New Syllabus of U.P., Chhattisgarh and Bihar Universities for B. Com. Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Sanjay Gupta

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1. Management-Meaning, Characteristics and Functional Area, 2. Management-Nature, Principles, Levels and Limitations, 3. Functions of Management and Managerial Roles, 4. Development of Management Thought, 5. Planning, 6. Types of Plans and Corporate Planning, 7. Management by Objectives, 8. Decision-Making, 9. Environment Analysis and Diagnosis, 10. Nature and Process of Organisation, 11. Organisation Structure and Forms of Organisation, 12. Departmentation, 13. Authority, Responsibility and Delegation of Authority, 14. Centralisation and Decentralisation, 15. Direction—Concept and Techniques, 16. Managerial Control, 17. Techniques of Control, 18. Motivation, 19. Leading and Leadership, 20. Co-ordination : Meaning and Nature, 21. Communication, 22. Management of Change.


Unit I.  

Introduction : Concept, nature, process and significance of management; Managerial roles (Mintzberg); An overview of functional areas of management; Development of management thought, Classical and neo-classical systems; Contingency approaches.

Unit II. 

Planning : Concept, process, and types Decision making-concept and process; Bounded rationality; Management by objectives; Corporate planning; Environment analysis and diagnosis; Strategy formulation.

Unit III.

Organizing Concept, nature, process, and significance; Authority and responsibility relationships; Centralization and decentralization; Departmentation; Organization structure-forms and contingency factors.

Unit IV.  

Motivating and Leading People at Work Motivation-concept; Theories-Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, and Ouchi; Financial and non-financial incentives.

Leadership-concept and leadership styles; Leadership theories (Tannenbaum and Schmidt); Likert’s System Management.

Communication-nature process, networks, and barriers; Effective communication.

 Unit V.  Managerial Control; Concept and process; Effective control system; Techniques of control-traditional and modern.

 Unit VI.  

Management of Change : Concept, nature, and process of planned change; Resistance to change; Emerging horizons of management in a changing environment.

Book Details
  • Author/Authors : Sanjay Gupta
  • Class : B. Com. IInd Year (Chhattisgarh universities), B.Com. I (JP University,Chhapra), B.Com. II (CCS University, Meerut), M.Com. I (Dr. RMLA University, Ayodhya), B.Com. II (Dr. BRA University, Agra), B.Com. II (Bundelkhand University, Jhansi), B.Com. II (VBSP University, Jaunpur), M.Com. II (VBSP University, Jaunpur), B.Com. II (MJP Ruhilkhand University, Barreilly)
  • Page No. : 384
  • Year : 2024
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