Buy Philosophy of U.P. Universities for B.A. and M.A. Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

दर्शनशास्त्र Philosophy B.A. 3rd Year

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According to New Syllabus of U.P. Universities for B.A. and M.A. Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Dr. Vimal Agrawal

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1. Nature of Knowledge : Prama, Pramana and Prameya, 2. Pramanyavad and Apramanyavad Theory of Error Khyativad, 3. Theories Regarding Creation : Matterialism, Parmanukaranavad and Mayavad, 4. Theories of Causation : Satkaryavad, Asatkaryavad, Parinamvad, Vivartvad and Pratityasamutpadvad, 5. Theories Regarding Atmem (Soul) : Bhu-Chaitanyavad, 6. Anatmavad, 7. Anekantavad, 8. Ekatmavad, 9. Nature of Reality : Manism, Dualism and Pluralism, 10. Nature and Definition of Philosophy, 11. Rationalism and Empiricism : Plato and Kant, 12. Causation Theory : Introduction, Causation Theory of Aristotle, 13. Causation Theory of Hume, 14. Causation Theory of Kant, 15. Creationism and Evolutionism and Problem of Creationism, 16. Theories  Regarding  Evolutionism  Creative  Evolutionism (Bergson), 17. Emergent Evolutionism of Alexander, 18. Evolutionism of Aristotle and Hegal, 19. Problems Regarding Space and Time, (Newton, Leibnitj and Kant), 20. Problem of Universals (Nominalism, Conceptualism and Realism), 21. Theories of Truth : Correspondence Coherence and Progmatism Theory, 


1.Definition and Nature of Philosophy of Religion its Relation to Religion and Philosophy, 2 .Doctrine of Karma and Rebirth, Liberation : Hindu, Buddha and Jaina View, 3. Attributes of God and Relation to Man, 4. Basic Tenents of Christianity, 5. Proofs for the Existence of God : Cosmological Arguments and Teleological Arguments, 6. Ontological Argument and Moral Argument, 7. Basis of Religious Belief : Reason, Faith, Belief and Revelations and Mystical Experience, 8. Problem of Evil, 9. Solutions of Evil Problem, 10. Immortality of Soul and Transmigrative Logic, 11. Forms of Immortality, 12. Doctrine of Karma, 13. Destiny of Soul : Salvation and Path way of Moksha— Bhakti and Karma, 14. World Religion and Religious Tolerance, 15. Conversion, 16. Secularism,


1. Social-Political Philosophy : Nature and Scope, 2. Basic Concepts of Society, 3. Social Institutions, 4. Family, 5 .Marxist Concept—Class and Class-conflict, 6. Individual and Society, 7 .Securalism : Nature and Securalism in India, 8. Social Change, Revolution and Constitutionalism, 9. Terrorism and Satyagraha, 10. Democracy and Dictatorship, 11. Socialism, 12. Tradition, 


1.Pre-Socratic Philosophers : Cosmologist, 2 .Phythagoras, 3. Human-Centred Philosophy, 4. Socrates, 5. Plato (Response to Tradition : Relativism and Scepticisnm of Sophist), 6. Theory of Forms, 7. Idea of God and Soul, 8. Aristotle (Response to Tradition : Criticism of Plato’s Theory of Forms and his view on Knowledge, Being and Becoming), 9. Substance as a Category : Concept of Form and Matter, 10. Problem of Changes, Four Causes, Potentiality and Actuality, 11. Proofs for the Existence of God, 12. St. Augustine 354-430, 13. St. Anselm (1035-1109), 14. St. Thomas Aquinas (1227-1274). 


Book Details
  • Author/Authors : Dr. Vimal Agrawal
  • Class : B.A. IIIrd Year (MGKV University, Varanasi), B.A. III (Dr. RMLA University, Ayodhya), B.A. III (Dr. BRA University, Agra), B.A. III (VBSP University, Jaunpur)
  • Page No. : 593
  • Year : 2024
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