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मौद्रिक अर्थशास्त्र Monetary Economics

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An excellent book with thorough coverage for MA and BA classes, also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Dr. G. C. Singhai, Dr. Harishchandra Sharma

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1. The Nature, Background and Scope of Macro Economics, 2. National Income Accounting and Circular Nature of Income Flows, 3. National Income—Various Concepts and Measurement, 4. Definition, Functions, Importance & Classification of Money, 5. Demand and Supply of Money and Supply of Money in India—With High Powered Money, 6. Value of Money and It’s Determination—Quantity Theory of Money : Fisher and Cambridge Equation, 7. Milton Friedman’s Reformulation of Quantity Theory of Money and It’s Further Development, 8. Changes in the Value of Money—Inflation, Deflation, etc., 9. Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation and Phillips Curve, 10. Measurement of the Value of Money : Index Numbers, 11. Theory of Employment : A General Discussion, 12. The Classical Theory of Employment & Say’s Law of Market, 13. Theory of Keynesian Employment, 14. Propensity to Consume or Consumption Function, 15. Various Theories of Consumption Function (Absolute Income Hypothesis, Relative and Permanent Income Hypothesis), 16. Multiplier and Acceleration Principles and Income Determi-nation, 17. Investment Function and Marginal Efficiency of Capital, 18. Keynesian Thought : An Analysis, 19. Keynesian and Classical Theory of Employment : A Comparative Study, 20. Saving and Investment Equality (Classical & Keynes’ View-point), 21. Theory of Income Determination (General and Keynesian Analysis), 22. Various Theories of Interest, 23 . Trade Cycle (Meaning, Types, Characteristics, Phases, Monetary and Non-Monetary Theories of Trade Cycles and Control), 24. Commercial Bank (Definition, Types, Functions, Importance and Organization), 25. Central Banking (Functions of the Central Bank), 26. Reserve Bank of India, 27. Monetary Policy : Objectives and Tools, 28. Monetary Regulation in India (Monetary Policy of Reserve Bank of India), 29. Fiscal Policy and It’s Instruments, 30. Role and Inter-relationship between Fiscal and Monetary Policy, 31. Deficit Financing, 32. Devaluation, 33. Indian Money Market, 34. Theory of Comparative Cost, 35. Modern Theory of International Trade, 36. Terms of Trade, 37. Gains from International Trade, 38. Balance of Payment & Balance of Trade, 39. The Rate of Foreign Exchange : Kinds and Determination (Including Fixed and Floating Exchange Rate), 40. Exchange Control (Objectives and Method, 41. Macro Theories of Distribution (Ricardo, Marx and Kaldor), 42. Growth Model : Meaning & Application and Model of Harrod Domar, 43. Classical Model of Growth and Marx’s Model, 44. International Monetary Fund—IMF, 45. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development—IBRD, 46. International Development Association—IDA, 47. International Finance Corporation—IFC, 48. International Liquidity—Special Drawing Rights and New Monetary System, 49. Public Expenditure (Meaning, Principles and Increasing Trend of Public Expenditure in India), 50. Classification of Taxes, 51. Impact and Incidence of Taxation, 52. Taxable Capacity.

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. G. C. Singhai, Dr. Harishchandra Sharma
  • Class : General
  • Page No. : 608
  • Year : 2024
  • Highly Useful : Very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.
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Excellent as described in the picture. Outstanding quality.