Buy Manovigyan Psychology to New Syllabus of Various Universities of India for B.A. and M.A. also very helpful for the students preparing for various Entrance Examination.

मनोविज्ञान Psychology B.A. 1st Year

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According to New Syllabus of Various Universities of India for B.A. and M.A. also very helpful for the students preparing for various Entrance Examination.

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Authors : Dr. Vimal Agarwal

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1.Historical Background of Psychology, Approaches of Behaviour Study, Nature and Field of Psychology; Methods of Psychology—Observation, Experimental, Field Survey, Interview and Questionnaire, 2 .Physiological Basis of Behaviour—Stimulus Organism Reponses (S-O-R Frame-work), Neurons—Structure, Functions of Brain and Spinal Cord, Automatic Nervous System and Glands,  3.States of Mind, 4. Sensation : Visual Sensation—Visual Stimulus, Structure of Eyes, Theory of Colour Vision, Auditory Sensation—Auditory Stimulus, Structure of Ears and Auditory Theory, 5. Perception : Meaning, Nature, Characteristics, Figure and Background, Laws of Perceptual Organisation, Illusion and Movement Perception, 6. Attention : Nature and Characteristics of Attention, Kinds of Attention and Determinants, 7. Learning—Definition, Nature, Theories of Learning—Trial and Error, Insightful Learning, Classical and Instrumental Condi-tioning, 8. Nature of Memory, Meaning and Definitions, Types and Measures of Retention, 9. Forgetting : Meaning and Causes, Theories of Forgetting— Interference (Encoding Failure), Due to Trace Decay, Retrieval & Inhibition Theory, 10. Emotion—Nature of Emotion, Meaning and Definition, Physiological Changes during Emotions, Theories of Emotions : James Lange and Cannon-Bard Theory, 11. Motivation—Nature of Motivation, Need, Definition & Types, Innate and Acquired Motivation, Achievement, Power, Affiliation and Approval, 12. Differences and Evaluation in Psychological Merits : Intelligence Theories and Individual Differences, 13. Culture and Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Aptitude, 14. Main Approaches of Personality Study—Type, Trait, Five Factors Model, Psychodynamic, Behaviouralistic, Culturalistic, Humanistic Approaches, 15. Assessment of Personality—Self-Report Measures, Projection Techniques & Behavioural Analysis, 16. Problem, Reasoning, Decision-making, Thinking & Creative Thinking, 


1.Human Development : Nature, Scope, Principle of Development and Laws of Development, 2 .Different Stages of Development : Pregnancy Stage, Infancy Stage, Childhood Stage, Adolescence Stage, Adulthood and Old Age,  3. Approaches to Study of Human Development—Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Approaches, Limits and Comparison, Dynamics of Human Development : Role of Maturation and Learning, Conditions of Growth, Process of Imitation—Factors, Elements and Classification, 4. Physical Development : Meaning & Stages, Prenatal and Rostnatel, Determinants of Physical Development, Development of Nervous System and Motor Abilities, 5. Sensory and Perceptual Development : Process, Sensory Capacities of Infants, Perceptual Development : Dimensions and Determinants, 6. Development of Cognition and Understanding : Meaning and Theory of Cognitive Development, Development of Under-standing : Factors, Concepts of Development and Language Development, 7. Concept of Social Development : Criteria and Stages : Concepts and Development of Emotions : Watson and Bridges Theories, 8. Concept and Development of Morality : Kohlberg's Theory and Determinants, 9. Adolescence : Meaning, Characteristics, Change and Problems, 10. Exceptional Children : Meaning and Types, Mentally Retarded Child, Gifted Child, Delinquent Child and Backward Child, 11. Aging : Meaning, Characteristics, Personal, Social, Vocational and Family Adjustment, Factors influencing Adjustment during Aging, 


Practical Psychology


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  • Author/Authors : Dr. Vimal Agarwal
  • Class : B.A. Ist Year Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith University, Varanasi
  • Page No. : 464
  • Year : 2024
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