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ISBN : 978-93-5167-491-7

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Authors : Dr. A.K. Chaturvedi, Rinki Agarwal

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1.Medieval Historiography and Survey of the Source of Medieval Indian History, 2 .Invasion of Arabs and the Rise of Turks, 3. Slave Dynasty : Qutubuddin Aibak and Iltutmish, 4 .Razia and Balban (The causes of the downfall of the slave dynasty), 5 .The Khilji Dynasty : Jalaluddin Khilji, Alauddin Khilji,6 .The Tughlaq Dynasty : Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, Firozshah Tughlaq, 7. Sayyid and Lodi Dynasty : Downfall of Delhi Sultanate, 8. Nature of State and Different Theories of Kingship, 9. Administrative System of the Delhi Sultanate, 10. Architecture and Literature During the Sultanate Period, 11. Society, Status of  Women and Trade and Commerce, 


1.Historiography : Archaeological, Literary and Historical Sources and Different Approaches, 2 .North India—Political Scene, 3 .Babur—Invasions, Conquests and Personality, 4. Humayun—Struggle, Exile and Restoration, 5. Shershah Suri—Administration System and Achievements, 6 .Akbar : Early Life, Consolidation of Mughal Empire, 7. Jahangir, 8. Shahjehan, 9. Aurangzeb, 10. Shivaji : Rise of the Marathas, Relations with Mughals and Shambhaji and Rajaram, 11. Later Mughals and Emergence of New State-Awadh and Hyderabad, 12. Invasion of Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali, 13. Central, Provincial, Military and Revenue Administration, Law and Justice, 14. Causes of Downfall of Mughal Empire, 15. Development of Education and Literature, 16. Architecture and Painting, 17. Bhakti and Sufi Movement in India and Prominent Saints, 18. Society : Urban and Rural Life, Position of Woman, Food, Dresses, Fairs and Festivals, 19. Trade and Commerce—Internal and External. 

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. A.K. Chaturvedi, Rinki Agarwal
  • Class : BA II Year
  • Page No. : 432
  • Bindings : Paperback
  • Year : 2021-22
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