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Authors : Dr. Chaturbhuj Mamoria, Dr. H. S. Garg, Dr. Komal Singh

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UNIT - I Bio Geography

1.Definition, Scope, Importance of Biogeography, Relation with other Sciences, Development and Hydrological Cycle, 2 .Ecology and Ecosystem, 3 .Ecological Factors, Dispersal and Bio-Geo-Chemical Cycle, 4. Concept of Biomes, Ecotone and Community, Major Biomes and Zoogeographical Regions, 5. National Parks and Sanctuaries in India and Jharkhand, 6. Bioresources  and  Biodiversity—Degradation  and Sustainable Conservation, 7. Soil Formation, Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation, 8. Soils and Barren Lands of India, 


UNIT - II Southern Continents.

1.South America : Physiography, 2 .Agriculture, 3 .Demography, 4. Regional Study of Brazil, 5. Australia and Newzealand : General Account of the Physiography, 6. Dairy Farming, 7. Demographic Set-up, 8. Regional Study of Newzealand, 9. Africa : Physiography, 10. Agriculture, 11. Grassland (Savana) and Desert Environment, 12. Regional Account of Nigeria and Egypt, 13. Geographical Account of South Africa, 14. Geographical Account of Argentina, 15. Geographical Account of Zimbabw, 16. Social and Cultural Aspect of Bushmen, Hotentot, Maori and Boro, 

UNIT - III Practical Geography

1.Scatter Diagram Correlation and Regression Analysis, 2 .Application of Geographical Information System (G.I.S.), 3 .Remote Sensing, 4. Aerial Photographs



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  • Author/Authors : Dr. Chaturbhuj Mamoria, Dr. H. S. Garg, Dr. Komal Singh
  • Class : B. A. Semester - VI
  • Page No. : 360
  • Year : 2021-22
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