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Authors : Dr Chaturbhuj Mamoria, Dr. H. S. Garg

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According to the New Syllabus of Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, Tehri (Garhwal), for B. A. Semester - I.

Paper-I : Physical Geography

1. Physical Geography : Definition, Scope and Components of Earth System, 2. Theory of the Origin of the Earth, 3. Atmosphere : An Introduction, 4. Insolation and Heat Balance, 5. Atmospheric Pressure and Global Circulation Pattern, 6. Tropical Cyclone and Monsoon, 7.Climatic Classification of Koeppen, 8. Internal Structure of Earth,  9. Origin of Continent and Ocean Basins, 10.Plate Tectonics and its Associated Features,   11. Denudation and Cycle of Erosion : Davis and Penck,12.  Hydrosphere : Hydrological Cycle and Ocean Bottom Relief  Features, 13. Tides and Currents,  14. Coral Reefs, 

Paper II : (Human Geography)

1. Definition, Nature, Major Subfields and Contemporary Relevance of Human Geography, 2. Space and Society : Cultural Regions, 3. Space and Society : Race, 4. Space and Society : Religion and Language, 5.  Population Growth and Demographic Transition Theory, 6.Population Distributional Pattern and Density in World,   7. Population Composition : Age Composition, 8. Population Composition : Sex Ratio and Literacy,  9.  Settlements : Types and Patterns of Rural Settlements, 10. Classification of Urban Settlements, 11. Trends and Patterns of World Urbanization,  

(Practical Geography)

1. Scale,  2. Study of Toposheets,  3.  Study and Interpretation of One Inch/1:50,000 Toposheets,   4. Landform Features based on Contours and Profiles Drawn,   

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  • Author/Authors : Dr Chaturbhuj Mamoria, Dr. H. S. Garg
  • Page No. : 390
  • Bindings : Paperback
  • Year : 2021-22
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