Buy Geography of U.P. Universities for B.A. and M.A. Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

भूगोल Geography B.A. 3rd Year

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An excellent book with thorough coverage for M.A. and B.A. classes, also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Dr. H. S. Garg

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1. The Field of Geography and Its Place in the Classification of Sciences 2. Important Concepts in the Philosophy of Geography 3. Dualism in Geography : Systematic and Regional Geography, Physical and Human Geography 4. Geography of Ancient Period : Contribution of Indian, Greeks and Roman Scholars 5. Dark Age in Europe and Contribution of Arab Geographers 6. Renaissance Period in Europe and Renouned Travellers 7. German School of Geographical Thought 8. French School of Geographical Thought 9. Contribution of Soviet Geographers 10. American School of Geographical Thoughts 11. British School of Geographical Thoughts, 


1. Geography as a Study of Environment, Environment and Environmental Studies, 2. Concept of Ecology and Ecosystem 3. Man-Environment Relationship : Agricultural and Industrial Practice, Science and Technology 4. The Problems and Causes of Environmental Degradation 5. Environmental Pollution and Population Pressure 6. Environmental Management 7. Ecological Balance and Major Environmental Policies and Programmes 8. Selected Environmental Projects of India 9. Emerging Environmental Issues : Population Explosion and Food Security 10. Emerging Environmental Issues : Global Warming, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development,


1. Concept of Region and Regionalization 2. South-West Asia : An Introduction 3. Geological Structure 4. Relief 5. Climate and Climatic Regions 6. Natural Vegetation 7. Water Resources and Irrigation 8. Power and Mineral Resources 9. Population—Growth and Distribution Pattern 10. Agriculture 11. Industries, Transportation and Trade 12. Strategic Importance, Suez Canal and Geographical Background of the Modern Problems of South-West Asia 13. Regional Study of Turkey 14. Iraq 15. Israel 16. Saudi Arabia, 


1. Plane Table Surveying, 2. Prismatic Compass Survey, 3. Indian Clinometer

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Book Details
  • Author/Authors : Dr. H. S. Garg
  • Class : B.A. IIIrd Year (MGKV University, Varanasi), B.A. III (Dr. RMLA University, Ayodhya), B.A. III (Dr. BRA University, Agra), B.A. III (VBSP University, Jaunpur)
  • Page No. : 566
  • Year : 2024
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