Buy Arthashastra Economics to New Syllabus of Chhattisgarh Universities for BA Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

अर्थशास्त्र Economics B. A. 1st Year

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According to New Syllabus of Chhattisgarh Universities for BA Classes and also very helpful for the students preparing for various competitive and professional examinations.

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Authors : Prof. B. L. Ojha, Dr. Anupam Agrawal

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1. The Definition of Economics 2. Scope of Economics & Its Nature (Positive vs Normative Science) 3. Economic Laws & Their Nature 4. Basic Concepts : Equilibrium, Utility, Elasticity and Com-petition 5. Utility Analysis (Cardinal Utility Analysis) 6. Indifference Curve & Consumer’s Equilibrium Ordinal Utility Analysis-I 7. Income Effect, Substitution Effect & Price Effect (Ordinal Utility Analysis-II) 8. Revealed Preference Theory 9. Consumer’s Surplus 10. Demand and Law of Demand 11. Elasticity of Demand & Its Measurement 12. Production of Factors of Production 13. Production Function 14. Law of Return (Law of Variable Proportions) 15. ISO-Product Curve & Its Characteristics 16. Production Decision : Optimum Cost Combination 17. Returns to Scale 18. Cost Analysis 19. Representative and Optimum Firm 20. Market : Concept and Various Types 21. Concept of Revenue 22. Equilibrium of Firm : Concept and Conditions 23. Perfect Competition (Price Determination & Equilibrium of Firm in Perfect Competition) 24. Monopoly and price Discrimination 25. Monopolistic Competition 26. Economic Systems (Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy) 27. Problems of Allocation of Resources (Control Problems of an Economy) 28. Welfare Economics : Concept, Measurement, Old and New Welfare Economics and National Income 29. Theories of Distribution 30. Rent 31. Wages 32. Interest 33. Profit 34. Variables, Constant and Functions 35. Equations and Identity 36. Straight Line : Slope of a Line 37.  Differentiation


1. Nature, Structure, Growth and Composition of Indian Economy 2. Sectoral Development of the Economy and Their Inter-relationship 3 .Utilization of Natural Resources in India : Land, Water and Forest Resources 4. Utilization of Natural Resources in India : Minerals 5. Utilization of Human Resources 6. Problems of Population and Population Policy in India 7. Need, Objectives and Strategy of Economic Planning in India 8. Problem of Poverty in India : Causes, Efforts for Removal and Suggestions, 9. Unemployment in India : Nature, Extent and Employ-ment Policy 10. Agriculture in India : Trends of Production and Pro-ductivity 11. Land Reforms in India : Agricultural Holdings, Sub-Division, Fragmentation and Consolidation 12. Agricultural Labour, Rural Unemployment and Under Unemployment 13. Agricultural Finance and Rural Indebtedness 14. Problems of Supply of Agricultural Inputs 15. Problems of Irrigation and Power Resources  16. Agricultural Marketing and Agricultural Price Policy in India, 17. Co-operative Farming, Agriculture and Rural Develop-ment 18. Technology Change in Agriculture 19. Agricultural Development During Plans : New Agricultural Strategies and Green Revolution, 20. Growth and Structure of Industries in India 21. Industrial and Licensing Policies in India 22. Major Large Scale Industries in India 23. Small Scale and Cottage Industries in India(Importance, Development, Problems and Solutions) 24. Industrial Finance in India 25. Foreign Capital and Multinational Corporations in India 26 .Industrial Labour in India—Wages and Wage Regulation 27. Social Security and Labour Welfare in India 28. Industrial Relation, Industrial Peace and Trade Union Movement in India 29. Nature, Structure and Development of Service Sector in India 30. Nature, Structure and Development of Uttar Pradesh Econom 31. Uttar Pradesh Economy During Plans 32. Demographic Scenario in Uttar Pradesh–2011 33. Infra-structure in Uttar Pradesh : Energy, Transportation and Water Resources 34. Decentralization of Planning in Uttar Pradesh 35. Industrial Development in Economy of Uttar Pradesh 36. Small and Cottage Industries in Uttar Pradesh 37. Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh 38. Unemployment and Poverty in Uttar Pradesh 39. Regional Disparities (Imbalance) and Policy Issues.


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  • Author/Authors : Prof. B. L. Ojha, Dr. Anupam Agrawal
  • Class : B. A. Ist Year (Chhattisgarh Universities)
  • Page No. : 940
  • Year : 2024
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