भौगोलिक चिन्तन का इतिहास (Bhogolik Chintan Ka Itihas - History Of Georaphical Thought)

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Authors : Dr. H.S. Garg

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UNIT - I Nature Of  Geography 

1.Nature and Scope of Geography, 2. Basic Important Concepts of Georaphy, 

UNIT - II  Evolution of Geographical Thought

3.Contribution of Indian and Chinese Scholars in Ancient Period, 4. Contribution of Ancient Greek and Roman Geographers, 5 .Dark Age in Europe and Contribution of Arab Geographers, 6.Renaissance Period in Europe : Discoveries and Inventions, 7. German School of Geographical Thought, 8. French School of Geographical Thought, 9. British School of Geographical Thought, 10. American School of Geographical Thought, 11. Contribution of Soviet Geographers, 12. Geography in Modern India and Carrier Opportunities for Geographers, 

UNIT - III Modern Concepts and Techniques in Geography

13.Man-Environment Relationship Concepts, 14. Concept of Region and Regionalization, 15. Dualism in Geography, 16.Changing Paradigms in Geography : Positivism, Quantitative Revolution and Models, 17. Scientific Explanations in Geography and System Analysis, 18. Recent Trends in Geography, 






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  • Author/Authors : Dr. H.S. Garg
  • Page No. : 324
  • Year : 2021-22
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