अर्थशास्त्र Arthashastra (Economics)

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Authors : Dr. V.C. Sinha, Dr. B.N. Gupta

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1.Statistics : Meaning, Nature and Limitations, 2 .Statistics : Scope and Importance, 3 .Statistical Investigation, 4. Types and Collection of Data, 5 .Questionnaire and Schedule, 6 .Sample Survey, 7. Editing of Collected Data, 8 .Classification and Tabulation of Data, 9 .Diagrammatic Presentation of Data, 10. Graphic Presentation of Data, 11. Construction of Frequency Distribution, 12. Measures of Central Tendency, 13. Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean, 14. Partition Values, 15. Measures of Dispersion, 16. Measures of Skewness, 17. Moments, 18. Measures of Kurtosis, 19 Correlation. 


1. Economic Development : Meaning, Measurement, Indicators and Determinants, 2. Developed and Under-developed (Developing) Economy, 3. Obstacles in Economic Development or Causes of Under development, 4. Terms of Trade and Economic Development, 5. Human Resources and Economic Development, 6. Factors affecting Economic Growth : Labour, Capital and Technology, 7. Socio-economic Infrastructure and its importance, 8. Myrdal's Theory of Circular Causation, 9. Nelson's Theory of Low-Level Equilibrium—Trap, 10. Rodan's Theory of Big Push, 11. Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth, 12. Harvey Leibenstein's Theory of Critical Minimum Effor, 13. Theory of Economic Growth—Marx, 14. Theory of Economic Growth—Schumpeter, 15. The Harrod-Domar Growth Models, 16. Doctrine of Balanced and Unbalanced Growth, 17. Saving, Investment and Capital Formation, 18. Disguised Unemployment and Saving Potentiality— Nurkse Model, 19. Lewis's Theory of Unlimited Supplies of Labour, 20. Problem of Choice of Technique or Technology, 21. Foreign Capital and Economic Development, 22. Growth, Poverty and Income Inequalities, 23. Monetary Policy of India, 24. Fiscal Policy of India, 25. Price Policy of India, 26. Income Policy in Economic Development, 27. Resource Mobilisation in Economic Development, 28. Black Money—Parallel Economy in India, 29. Export-Import Policy of India, 30. New Economic Policy—Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation,


1. Investment Criteria in Economic Development, 2. Fundamental Principles of Planning, 3. Types and Techniques of Economic Planning, 4. Project Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis, 5. Planning in India : Objectives, Strategies and Achieve-ments, 6. Changing Role of State and Market Mechanism in Economic Policy of India, 7. Formation of Five Year Plans in India and Gadgil Formula, 8. Economic Growth and Social Injustice in Indian Plans, 9. Sectoral Allocation of Resources in Indian Plans, 10. Financing of the Plans, 11. Industrial Development during Planning Period, 12. Industrial Policy in India, 13. Agriculture and Agriculture Policy in India, 14. Unemployment in India, 15. Poverty in India, 16. Ninth Five Year Plan, 1997-2002, 17. Tenth Five Year Plan, 2002-2007, 18. The Economy of Uttarakhand : A General Study.

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  • Author/Authors : Dr. V.C. Sinha, Dr. B.N. Gupta
  • Year : 2021-22
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