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Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. L. B. Paliwar

Practical Problems in Corporate Accounting - SBPD Publications

300.00 380.00
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Dr. Satish Kumar Saha

Money and Financial Systems - SBPD Publications

254.00 310.00
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Dr. F. C. Sharma

Financial Management - SBPD Publications

264.00 330.00
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Dr. Satish Kumar Saha, Anju Agarwal

International Marketing - SBPD Publications

184.00 230.00
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Er. Meera Goyal, Er. Nishit Mathur

Internet & World Wide Web - SBPD Publications

224.00 280.00
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Sanjay Gupta

Auditing - SBPD Publications

270.00 340.00
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